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The Secure & Compliant Infrastructure for Modern Organizations

The Zero Trust Security approach of Levitation helps companies comply with many compliance and optimize efficiency and Security.

Why LV-Security

Secure data unlocks business opportunities. We handle your sensitive data and comply with compliance regulations so you can build great products without becoming an expert in security and compliance.

Protect sensitive data and comply with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS and more.

Go to Market Quicker

Easily comply with PCI Level 1 or SOC 2 with up to 94% less effort.

Enhance your security

Make healthcare and payment data more secure and turn it into a benefit.

Compliance at Reduce Costs

Develop a comprehensive payment strategy by disabling lock-in from payment providers and using multiple payment providers.

Maintain data value without risk

Secure payment data with our Zero Trust security approach and offload your liability at the same time.


Comply with HIPAA on your cloud, communication platform, and backend.


Make your website GDPR compliant & let your users know how their data is being processed


Ensure that the cardholder’s financial information is managed in a PCI-compliant manner.


Assure the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality of customer data.

End-to-end encryption

Database and Firewall

Protect your product in every way.

Communications Platform Security

Exploite Protection


Payment Data Security & Compliance

Whatever your business needs, we can help you get PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance in a timely manner, whether you are launching your own business or managing your own PCI CDE.

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