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Reach a larger audience with Influencers from your industry

We have a pool of more than 120,000 influencers. And most of them have at least 100,000 followers. They specialise in a certain field or industry or topic specialists.

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From sponsored TikTok videos to Instagram posts

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Product promotion and unboxing on Social Media


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Guest blogging and backlink with branded content

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The Simplified Influencer Marketing

75% of digital marketers have trouble finding a suitable influencer, while another 25% have trouble automating their campaigns. While this is partially true, the advantages outweigh the hazards. To get the best return on your investment and get more business. Contact us now.
The Plan

Develop an Influencer Marketing Plan

  • Remember to first define your online audience: Identify your target client. Next, you need to know who influences their decision to discover, evaluate, and finally buy. This is your first step in influencer marketing
  • Find the right influencers: Because influence is subjective, youโ€™ll need to find people who create and share material that has an impact on your target customersโ€™ decision-making.
  • Monitor influencers for opportunities: Pay attention to the content of the specific influencers you choose. What themes do they write about, what information do they share, and what queries do their readers have?
  • Take action and engage: Begin by following and sharing their links. Then get to know them, and earn their trust. Lastly, create actionable points for a fruitful collaboration.
  • Measure your outcomes:  Before you start the campaign define the KPIs in accordance with your business goals. Then measure your campaigns every month and tweak KPIs if needed.

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