5 tips to increase Facebook Ads

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Vanessa Velusamy

Because Facebook is always changing, your previous advertising methods may no longer be as effective as they once were.

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 ad suggestions to help you maintain your Facebook advertisements, lucrative.

Use as many Ad Titles as possible.
Image carousels, video carousels, and sometimes even animated gifs are examples of ad titles. This variety aids us in attracting our ideal customer base. There are users who respond favorably to videos, and there are those who will simply skip the videos. People respond better to images, and some people are continuously scrolling horizontally across the carousels. Different things elicit different responses in different people. As a result, scaling the adverts to a larger audience would be beneficial. You can replicate an ad and substitute the video with an image/carousel of photos, or vice versa, using only one ad.

The Facebook story Ad
Every day, millions of people view and interact with Facebook stories, therefore they should not be overlooked. These are full-screen photographs or videos, similar to Instagram stories, that can only be viewed for 24 hours. Except that these ads can appear at any time during a photo’s playback, which can be as little as 5 seconds or as long as 20 seconds for video advertising. So, wouldn’t it be logical to use a video in this case? Choose something that isn’t overly polished but gets down to the point, clearly articulating the advantage of the offer and a few verbal call to actions.

Detailed targeting expansion
When you enable this feature, Facebook will take a portion of your overall budget and split it between a selected audience and a closely related but broader audience, so that as the campaign progresses, they will begin shifting your budget to the audience that is producing better results at a lower cost. It’s simply identifying folks who might be a good fit, even if they aren’t in the initial interest pool when the advertisement is created. This is a fantastic approach to expand the reach of your adverts to new consumers.

Ads need to rely less on websites
The issue emerges as soon as the users leave Facebook and visit your site. Facebook will not be able to see what happens next, but they will be able to see every action that occurs on the site. So anything somebody on Facebook clicks, engages with, or watches is still data they may use to improve your ads.

Use lead generation adverts instead
Promote anything that will help you grow your email list. It converts much better this way than if you tried to sell your paid services or products to cold audiences that have never heard of you before. As a result, in the current situation, increasing your email list is the single most profitable thing you can do.