Connecting people with technology
At Levitation, we blend human-centric research and design to create powerful solutions perfectly attuned to the modern world, fusing innovation with efficiency.

Why levitation ,
what it means ?

Levitation symbolizes our approach to services and solutions. Like the art of levitating defies gravity, we challenge conventional thinking, finding creative solutions that elevate your experience and redefine possibilities.

Tech for good

Committed to ‘Tech for Good,’ we innovate for societal impact, addressing global challenges. Believing in environmental responsibility, our 20+ applications have saved up to 4000 gms of carbon, embodying our commitment to a better, greener world.
We harness technology as a catalyst for positive change, using design thinking to solve customer problems.
Nurturing Solutions for Stronger Relations, Levitation Brings Your Vision to Life.

Meet Our Team

Ankit Mishra


Shivankit Kumar


Akash Verma


Rahul Sharma

Business advisor

Trigya Singh

Head of Strategy



Atharsh Bodke

UX Designer

Ananya Kumar

Head of Research