5 tips to increase Google Ads Revenue 

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Vanessa Velusamy

Many of us would have been astounded to see how relevant ads began to appear as soon as we searched for it. Let us change our emphasis to Google Ads after a slew of not-so-subtle gestures to the internet that they shouldn’t be watching us.

In today’s world, everyone must use the internet to market their business, whether they are a tiny business or a large corporation. Now this is where Google Ads comes into play.
Allow me to state upfront that Google Adwords (Ads) is a type of search engine marketing.

Google Adwords is developed to assist you in marketing your products or services in the Google Search Engine, and its affiliate sites, via the use of a placed text ad that appears when people search for phrases related to your offering. Now let us see how we can optimize it.

Develop detailed remarketing audiences
Did you know that remarketing has a ten-fold higher click-through rate than traditional advertising and costs two to a hundred times less per click? That’s a significant difference. Not only is the remarketing component critical, but including comprehensive targeting in remarketing initiatives improves spend and conversions.Create campaigns for those who have visited your site multiple times. When you do this, it indicates that your target audience is already interested in your goods or services. As a result, when you go after them, they already know who you are. Astute ain’t it?

Utilizing appropriate ad titles/keywords
Pick them up with the intent to entice the right people and to repel the wrong ones. Most of the ads tend to glorify or have a positive note to it. We would essentially want to steer a hard right from that and instead address 1 or 2 objections faced in ie. hesitations buying from you etc. With that in mind to check on how effective the chosen title/keyword is, go to any SEO and digital marketing tool website, H-supertools for example, search it up under keyword research tool. This is where you will be able to roughly estimate the CPC for that keyword. This is the power of keywords

Test out different locations
One of the simplest methods to construct a segment is to generate audiences based on location. I’m not sure how many people utilize the default settings, but it’s a huge error.One option is to go for a keyword that is specific to a specific region. Two, you can geotarget your ad section based on a radius, or three, you can do both.

To test if you can create the highest sales, you should try a mixture of all of them. And by doing so, you’ll eliminate a lot of folks who were never the appropriate customers for you to begin with.

Create separate ads for different keyword phrases
You would essentially want to create separate ads for each super specific keyword to the phrases being searched for. This will culminate in an absolute experience, offering consumers the assurance that visiting your website will provide them with exactly what they’re looking for.

Create a dedicated landing page for each advertisement.
This page should essentially contain all of the information needed to make an educated decision. Ideally, you should overcome typical objections by listing reasons why you should be favored above others. Above all, they must make it plain obvious how they may get started if they like what they see. Many companies invest a lot of money to create the perfect advertisement, but often miss the mark by sending customers to pages that aren’t even informative enough to make an informed decision.

There you go, the 5 most priceless tips to increase your Google Ads revenue.