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UX Research | Development | User Experience Design | User Interface Design

What is moneeflo ?

moneeflo is a cross-border neo banking solution for individuals and businesses which aims to simplify global payments & collections, making them low cost & fast.

moneyflow, cross border payments platform is having complexity in entering the online automated market. Our challenge was to make a platform comfortable in Fintech Automation process management.

Discovery and Solution

In discovering the requirements for an ideal Fintech Platform, we collaborated closely with the Moneyflo team. Through ongoing communication and problem-solving, our joint effort aimed to understand their vision and core principles. It became evident that the team aimed to position Moneyflo as a platform that replaces traditional, arduous transaction methods with online automation. The software was thoughtfully crafted to provide a comprehensive yet simplified solution for global payments and collections for cross-border users.

Our Impact

Achieved favourable outcomes by ensuring a smooth user experience for customers and implementing automated design, before moneyflo was recording 2000 transactions now it doubled the process with 5000+ transactions. moneyflo achieved better results with the help of well researched solutions delivered.