Seamless Pin Provisioning for Debit Cards

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UX Research | Development | User Experience Design | User Interface Design

What is Language’s PinGen ?

Language is the cutting-edge platform which makes ATM/POS & EFT customizable solutions and services which helps to empower the banking and financial institution to thrive in the dynamic payment landscape.

PinGen is one of the Language’s ultimate solution for financial institutions seeking streamlined PIN and emboss file generation for EMV debit cards, including debit card renewals.

Pingen - Debit card Pin Generation and Embossing

Discovery and Solution

To establish the design requirements for the PinGen Solution software, collaborative efforts were undertaken with the Language team. This collaborative exploration aimed to grasp the vision and fundamental principles that the software seeks to convey. It was discerned that PinGen aims to convey redesigning of the current state to more refined and Customer-Centric Approach. The design focuses not only on eliminating bottlenecks present in traditional manual system but also on presenting a modern and minimalist software solution, tailored for both Financial Institution and authorized users.

We aimed to transform the PinGen software solution, adopting a contemporary and minimalist design suitable for both Financial Institutions and authorized users. This initiative sought to replace the outdated traditional approach employed in the past.

Our Impact

Achieved favourable outcomes by ensuring a smooth user experience and implementing minimalistic design, facilitating a clear path for the financial institution to reach its ultimate objective.