Simplifying & Enhancing the Hiring Process.

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UX Research | Development | User Experience Design | User Interface Design

What is Ambe Consultancy ?

Ambe Consultancy services PVT LTD, reputed “OVERSEAS MANPOWER” supplying agency established in 1993 with a goal to help accurately place people in assignments, providing the clients with productive workers and employees.

Ambe Consultancy services pvt. ltd, stands as a “OVERSEAS MANPOWER” , the main objective is to simplifying and accelerating various parts of the recruitment workflow.

Discovery and Solution

To define the requirements for the RMS (Recruitment Management System) software, collaborative efforts were undertaken with the Ambe Consultancy team. This joint endeavour aimed to comprehend their vision and fundamental principles. It was evident that the Ambe team sought to communicate the RMS as a fairer recruitment platform, aiming to replace the cumbersome traditional approach to recruitment workflows. Additionally, the software was meticulously crafted to present a more detailed yet simplified version for client, recruiter, and admin screens.

Ambe Consultancy faced challenges with their RMS, and we provided design solutions to make things simpler and more efficient. Our improvements cover key areas like Recruiter and Client Dashboards, Reception and Screening, Activity Logs, Reports, Calendar, User Creation, and more.

Our Impact

Achieved favorable outcomes by ensuring a smooth user experience for customers and also business with implementing simplified workflow for Recruitment agency. It is easy for users to understand the navigations with eliminating cognitive-load while going through customized screens. Every data is securely recorded effectively into backend with minimum hassle.