How to Rank No1 on Google through Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

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Vanessa Velusamy

Maybe you’ve designed a fantastic product that’s ready to sell online. Perhaps you’ve completed your magnum opus, a personal essay that will undoubtedly get you a purple heart once it’s posted online.
You must, however, master the game of SEO in order to get discovered by people.It may appear simple to join the ranks, but the road ahead will undoubtedly be difficult.

The purpose of this post is to provide you with five practical search engine optimization methods that will help you improve your Google rankings.

Focus on your content
Fill in as much detailed information as possible so that when users visit your site, they understand it is the one-stop shop for all connected information to what they are looking for.
Be the last click.

Optimize your Title Tag and Meta Description.
The keyword must be included in the title and description, but it must also be enticing. Incorporate it in the URL, title, and headers of your website. If it doesn’t flow in a sentence, is hard to read, too repetitive, or isn’t attractive or fascinating, no one will click through.

Optimize for Voice Search
Include plausible voice search phrases in your website content—be sure to use whole sentences expressed in a natural conversational tone rather than single keywords—to ensure that those voice searches locate your business.

Dwell Time
The higher your dwell time in general, the higher your page will rank on Google. Embedding videos on your page can significantly improve your dwell time. Keep them piqued and intrigued I would say.

Rank in the Featured Snippet Spot
Ranking in the featured snippet spot is above the normal search results, which is why it’s called position zero.Identify the type of feature snippet that Google is already showing for that particular. You have the definition snippet, the table snippet and the list snippet. Add something in your page that would fit it perfectly inside of that feature snippet.